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Hi, I'm Yu Shi

Founder of C Sharp Business Consulting

I work with filmmakers, musicians, artists to improve their business skills.


Before starting C Sharp Business Consulting, I was an analyst working at Goldman Sachs in New York city. At work, my bread and butter was conducting financial analysis to companies and industries, and producing number-oriented reports and presentations. Meanwhile, I was an active music composer. I participated in concerts, and jammed with musicians. Music was more than a hobby for me. 


A few years ago, I took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles in California to continuously pursue my dream as a composer for film, TV and concert. 


As I started networking with directors and producers to catch opportunities to score for more films. Interestingly, after they learned about my finance background, they asked for my help with pitch decks, business plans and getting fundings for their films.


I realized that my analytical skills, financing skills and presentation skills from investment banking are valuable transferable skills that I can apply to the business of art making. 


In order to help more people and bring positive impact to the industry, I founded C Sharp Business Consulting. So far I have worked with indie filmmakers, musicians, and artists to help them improve business skills.


Not only working as a business consultant, I am an active composer for concert and films as well. From the unique cross-industry perspective, I understand how the industry works and the challenges every creator is facing. 

My goal is to connect the art world with the business world, to present the true value of a master piece of art to investors by providing number-oriented analysis from an investment perspective. Coming from the top investment banking in the world, I want to make the best resources that are most likely to be accessible in a corporate structure available to individuals. 

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