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1 : 1 Pitch Deck Creation

This program is a 4-week, private 1:1 program. We will help you to create a professional pitch deck from scratch.  


It is ideal for busy folks who need help with a customized business-oriented pitch deck that reflect the true value of their art works.

The program will also provide you with effective strategies to present your project with a focus on financial numbers and data visualization.

Business Team

Pitch Deck Review

This service is a 50 minutes pitch deck review service. You will be able to communicate with us via virtual meeting platforms and receive business-oriented feedbacks and constructive suggestions to your pitch deck from Yu Shi. 

It is ideal for folks who are working on their pitch decks already and in need of a professional feedback and practical solutions of the challenges they are facing in the business presentation.

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Online Course

How To Create A Pitch Deck Like A Pro

if you suck at numbers...

We are in the process of creating this new online course.

It's created by founder Yu Shi with her years' of intensive experience in investment banking filed. It will not only teach you what content should be included in your pitch deck. but also provide step-by-step instructions on how to create a number-oriented pitch deck like a finance pro. 

You will be learning effective financial analysis, data visualization and concise business writing and reporting. You will also be provided with massive templates and tutorial videos. 

This course will rewire your mindset. Your view of getting funding to your project will be changed forever. 

We are reserving 10 free spot for folks who are on our waiting list at the time of launching!

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Free Mini Online Courses

The Five Biggest Mistakes When Creating A Film Pitch Deck

In this free mini course, we summarized the biggest five mistakes filmmakers make when they create a pitch deck. They seem like small common mistakes but they are a big turnoff to investors.

The course explains why presenting a pitch deck in certain way does not work, and provides practical solutions. It is designed to help filmmakers quickly spot a potential issue in their pitch deck, and make necessary changes to make the pitch deck stand out.   

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